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Prisoners of War
(One - Hour Drama/Sci-fi Pilot*Austin Film Festival SEMIFINALIST: TOP 2%*

Unknowingly linked by their parents connections to the atomic bomb, 4 teens from different backgrounds mysteriously develop abilities and must learn to deal with their newfound powers (and each other) while navigating the social climate of 1960s New Orleans.

Night Shift
(One - Hour Drama Pilot) *UCLA Professional Program DRAMA PILOT WINNER*

In 1990s gentrifying Harlem, an ex con and a newly cut-off trust fund baby accidentally murder a cop and become unlikely vigilantes with the help of a teenage drug dealer. Together they must uncover a web of corruption threatening their neighborhood while evading a rookie detective determined to avenge her mentor’s disappearance. 

SUCCESSION: "Slumdog Billionaire"
(Spec Episode 307.5)

When Kendall contracts dysentery on a PR trip to the slums of Mumbai and wanders the streets hallucinating, his siblings must decide whether to save him or kill the deal he was secretly trying to broker… all while traveling across India during a flash flood. 



*Scripts are available upon request via email or for download by clicking here:

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