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 Mariah 'Moe' Guillmette 

Actor. Screenwriter. Director.

     Moe Guillmette is a Creole writer and actress originally from New Orleans. There she split her time between high school and the New Orleans Center for Creative arts where she studied acting. She continued her education at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she earned a BFA in drama. After graduation she moved to LA to pursue a career in acting and screenwriting. 

     As a mixed race, ethnically ambiguous woman, much of her work explores identity and what it’s like to feel othered in a society obsessed with labels. She’s especially interested in writing nuanced women and people of color who subvert stereotypes and take ownership of their stories. She believes everyone should be able to turn on the tv and see protagonists that look and act like them and if those stories don’t exist, she wants to help create them. 

     Moe works as a clown and nanny, but if she had a dollar for every time she was asked her ethnicity, she’d be rich and producing, writing and starring in her own shows. In her spare time she can be found building furniture, doing Voodoo on rude LA drivers and playing fetch with her cat who, coincidentally, is named Mojo. She also enjoys roller skating, reading too much into fortune cookies, and ridiculously high platform shoes.

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